JD Steel often serves as a backup for steel and construction companies during major construction projects in Copenhagen. In connection with the metro construction, JD Steel has supplied steel and forging work to various subcontractors for the metro construction, including CMT. We received the first order from an Italian subcontractor as early as 2011. In 2012, we were involved from the groundbreaking and were responsible for the welding of the reinforcement cages for the pile foundations at all 21 sites, where we worked on four stations simultaneously. It was a massive task.Remembers Morten Jensen, co-owner and daily manager of JD Steel.

Later, when excavations were needed for stations and shafts, JD Steel was responsible for the steel bracing of the secant walls. This work was repeated and moved downwards 4-5 times depending on the depth of the station. Recycling of steel structures A portion of the steel has been returned after use and has been rebuilt for reuse at JD Steel's workshop on Refshaleøen. We have created and invented plenty of temporary structures in the shafts in the form of bracing, barriers, stairs, fire doors, and crane foundations for tower cranes. Now we are in the process of removing them and replacing them with more permanent solutions. At the same time, we have also performed service and maintenance on the large drilling machines, including lifting work. It is worth remembering that it is not a one-time deal when participating in major infrastructure projects because the leaders move on to the next task, says Morten Jensen. JD Steel is already underway on the Frederikssund Bridge and expects to be involved in several other major infrastructure projects.